Sunday, May 01, 2005

How to put the GA committee online

The issue raised by the chair of the MAC GA committee is what should replace the current committee. My choice is to put all of the committee's functions online the form of Weblogs or blogs. Since the most important job the committee fulfills is to communicate about General Aviation issues to the MAC that is best done directly in an unfiltered way. All of the committee's dicussion activities can easily be placed online using blogs. The sum total of comments would then be delivered to the MAC for their evaluation and actions.

An example of a technology issues blog is where you can see issues placed on the page with a 'Read More...' link to complete story detail and a link for reader comment. This or similar web page organization would serve to place issues for discussion before the GA community and to solicit comments. The GA community could also place issues for discussion on the blog site for community discussion.

The blog approach will open discussion to a wide public, giving that wider public a stake in GA public policy. The question is not if this should happen but how to move to this form of public interaction.